The Palm Beach & Whale Beach Association is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation of volunteer residents who are passionate about keeping our area unique, and keeping the local council and state government accountable.

Our main function is to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the area and protect its residential amenity. We do this through communication with Northern Beaches Council and State and Federal Governments regarding development and building applications, by making submissions on relevant issues and policies, and by being represented on various local government and other committees.

We welcome new members from the community; to become a member of the Association or find out about membership click here.

Current Projects and Issues

These are some of the projects and issues that the Association is currently involved with:

  • Northern Beaches Housing Policy
  • Wakehurst Parkway Flood Mitigation
  • Beaches Link
  • Survey of Members
  • Gov Phillip Park Landscape Improvement Plan 20/21
  • NBC Public Space Vision & Design Guidelines
  • Avalon Place Plan
  • Reckless driving
  • Footpath from Careel Bay to Palm Beach
  • Footpaths and public rights of way
  • Palm Beach to Whale Beach walkway
  • Stormwater pollution at Palm Beach