3rd October 2017 | News


HELD: Monday 11 September 2017 at 7.00pm at the Pacific Club Palm Beach

There were approx 35 members of the Association and visitors in attendance in addition to members of the Committee (approx 45 total attendees). The proposals as part of the Northern Beaches transport corridor were outlined as follows:

  • The B-line service will commence from Mona Vale to Wynyard and return later this year, using new double-decker yellow buses. It will run every 5 minutes in peak hours and every 15 minutes outside peak hours. It will be extended to Newport in 2018, after further consultation with the Newport community to establish an acceptable turning point and bus parking; there will be no depot in Newport.
  • 900 new community car parks will be provided at Manly Vale, Warriewood and Brookvale (opposite Warringah Mall); these will be accessed with the Opal Card, free for a limited time after which charges will apply. It would appear that no new community parking will be provided at Mona Vale (or Newport from 2018).
  • There will be a new 199 all-stops service from Palm Beach to Manly and return which will run every 15 minutes in peak hours and every half hour outside peak hours. It will act as a feeder service to the B-line service hubs.
  • There will be a peak hour only E88 express service from Careel Bay/North Avalon to Wynyard and return; it would be difficult to extend this to Palm Beach because it would cause “scheduling and timetable problems”.
  • There will be a peak hour only E89 service from Bilgola Plateau to Wynyard and return.
  • The L90 service from Palm Beach will only run from Palm Beach between 9.00am and 3.00pm and only every hour on weekdays and from 7.00am to 10.00pm at weekends ; at any other time, it will be necessary to change at Mona Vale (or from 2018, Newport), in order to get to Palm Beach; Opal card data had convinced the Department of Transport that there was insufficient demand to justify additional services north of Newport – supposedly only 4 people caught the L90 between Palm Beach and Careel Bay between 6.00am and 9.00am. This was disputed by those present.

The changed service schedules would provide the same frequency of service for Palm Beach and Whale Beach residents as they have at present, although there will be no direct buses to the city from Palm Beach. It will be necessary to change buses in travelling to and from the city and to and from points between Mona Vale and the city.

  • Road widening and other roadwork (e.g. right turn lanes) is being carried out along the B-Line route to improve traffic flow.
  • It is expected that travel time from Mona Vale to Wynyard will be up to 7 minutes quicker with B-Line than with the existing “bendy buses”.
  • The Government is putting in place a 2-year trial from November 2017 of an on-demand service between North Narrabeen and Palm Beach managed by Keolis Downer (Go Get) and using 8 4-seater vehicles. Four of these will be devoted to the Palm Beach/Whale Beach/Avalon area. More vehicles can be provided if demand requires. People will be able to call one of these vehicles on half-an-hour’s notice using phone, phone app or website. The service will pick up passengers from home or other convenient location and deliver to Mona Vale (or Newport after 2018) between the hours of 6.00am and 10.00pm on week days and between 7.00am and 7.00pm on weekends and will be available for return services to home. The cost will be $3.10 ($1.55 for concession card holders) which will be payable in cash; it can not be covered by the Opal card.
  • There will be no change to school bus services.
  • Timetables are not yet available but will be before the B-Line service commences later this year.
  • The session was regarded by the B-line Project and the Department of Transport as an information session, not a consultation.

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