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24th May 2018 | News
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Dear Community Member

Re:  Palm Beach Parking Demand Management Strategy

As a Palm Beach resident or business owner we are writing to provide an update on the Palm Beach Parking Demand Management Strategy.

At the Council meeting on 28 November, where Council adopted the Palm Beach Parking Demand Management Strategy, it was resolved that the Palm Beach Parking Demand Strategy be reviewed on or by 30 April 2018 – to allow all proposed strategies 1 – 12 to be thoroughly assessed once in place.

A number of these strategies, relating to changes in parking conditions, have been implemented and we would now like to hear directly from residents, customers and businesses on these changes.  This will assist us in monitoring the positive and negative impacts so we can continue to improve the management of parking in the area.

A further change to parking restrictions was approved by the Traffic Committee on Tuesday 5 December 2017:

To implement 4P parking Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays for all car parking spaces located on the east side of Barrenjoey Road, opposite the north section of Iluka Road.

This change was implemented in December 2017.

We are seeking your feedback on the changes we’ve made to parking conditions in the Palm Beach area, and ask that you complete a short survey. The survey closes on Sunday 10 June 2018.

We understand that parking is important to all users of the area, however the feedback we are seeking only relates directly to aspects of the Palm Beach Parking Demand Management Strategy which have already been implemented.

We are aware that a number of strategies are still to be implemented and will be working to investigate and deliver many of these over the coming months.  As we work through this process we will continue to keep you informed of any further developments relating to the project.

Please share this email and information with your networks so they too can have the opportunity to provide comment on the implemented changes.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to improve parking in the Palm Beach area.


Yours faithfully

Phillip Devon
Manager, Transport Network

The Secretary
Palm Beach & Whale Beach Association
P.O. Box 2 Palm Beach NSW 2108