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28/9/17 MORNING TEA for members & friends at “Palm Beach Paradise” 10.30am Ocean Rd
28/9/17 MEETING NBC – PALM BEACH WHARF TO GOV PHILLIP PARK WALKWAY with PB Walkway Working Group at Avalon Rec Centre. Discuss way forward, tender, funding, timeline, community consultation, scope of works etc. (summary follows)
11/10/17 MONTHLY COMMITTEE MEETING. Mitch Geddes nominated as PBWBA rep to Walkway Aesthetics Advisory Group

22/10/17 RALLY – Newport Surf Club re proposed roundabout Neptune St/Barrenjoey Rd. This was attended by approx 400-500 members of community. 3 drop in information sessions with TransportforNSW & Bline representatives were held – last one is Tue 31 Oct 4-7pm at Newport Surf Club
27/10/17 MORNING TEA “Whale Beach Deli” Whale Beach Rd Whale Beach 10.30am

1/11/17 Community Workshop Mona Vale Golf Club – NBC Delivering the Community Strategic Plan – Priorities 2018-2021
13/11/17 Monthly Committee Meeting 7pm Pacific Club – all members welcome to attend
27/11/17 Morning Tea – “Dunes Kiosk” Gov Phillip Park Monday 10.30am (last one for 2017)
10/12/17 Christmas Cocktail Party 6.30pm at The Boathouse $65pp Invitations to be emailed/posted early November.

Date: Monday 6 November, 2017
Time: 11am – 2pm
Where: Pittwater Park, Palm Beach (Reserve area near the wharf)
On-site NBC community information session at Pittwater Park, Palm Beach. This session will provide you with an opportunity to meet the project team and ask any questions you might have about the upcoming works.

24/10/17 Phone call received from Sgt Jelovic from Dee Why Police re “Hoons”. Have we noticed an increase/decrease in hoon activity? Have we noticed more police presence in PB? Sgt Jelovic does not believe alcohol is an issue with the hoons.
He emphasised that the community must ring 000 to advise of large groups of hoons. Police will follow up given manpower and priorities. All calls logged and incidents recorded and patterns analysed. PBWBA to follow up with newly elected councillors the possibility of camera surveillance along Ocean Rd as a deterrent.

11/10/17 Email sent to NBC CEO, The Mayor, Pittwater Ward Councillors, local member Hon Rob Stokes and NBC Pittwater Park Parking Demand Management officer in charge asking for update on parking demand study and advising of community concerns after Oct long weekend.
Extracts from our email follow –
“The Council spent $50 000 of our ratepayer dollars to commission a Parking Demand Study (Bitzios Consultants) which has been completed. There has been community consultation, meetings, submissions written, really positive and creative ideas and strategies suggested yet it is now October – peak summer will soon be here – and we are STILL battling with Central Coast and Western Foreshore residents monopolising parking in Pittwater Park and surrounds and other parking issues which could be resolved /relieved/improved by simple actions from Northern Beaches Council – especially (but not limited to) TIMED PARKING, WAYFINDING SIGNS, COMPLIANCE/ENFORCEMENT”.
As at end of October there has been NO RESPONSE from NBC, Councillors , the Mayor. Rob Stokes.

NBC have advised that Walkway minor works (site set up, site storage facilities, vegetation clearing, some sections of footpath works) will commence 30 Oct. No disruption to traffic/pedestrians during minor works. No construction activities will take place over the school holiday period. Major work will commence 29 Jan 2018.
Contract awarded on 10/8/17 to Lloyd Constructions – very experienced in this type of project.
Walkway is a 1.5m wide walkway NOT a shared path – ie no defined bike path as well.
The surface of flat path is made of recycled plastic. The cantilevered areas are steel.
Palm Beach Rd/Barrenjoey Rd intersection will have access ramps to formalise crossing point but no pedestrian crossing.
Waratah St will have cobblestone like surface to delineate crossing but no formal pedestrian crossing.
Council have assured us that Residents mostly affected will have regular, direct on-site consultation with NBC officers.
Issues of residents concern include – noise of the steel “clanging”, rubbish, privacy, materials used, graffiti, other noise
Other issues raised for NBC to be aware of include the mediocre standard of the public toilet facilities at the Wharf including the access toilet which requires an MLak key, parking issues , lack of garbage bins, lack of shelter at the Wharf, lack of wayfinding signage.

Aesthetics Advisory Group to be set up by NBC. This will involve suitably qualified or experienced members of the local community (eg architect, engineer, designer) and rep of residents group to meet with NBC projects team to provide ideas and concepts on the final aesthetics of the walkway. Expressions of interest called – apply via NBC website.

A brief summary as follows;

  • The L90 will be a very limited service during the week, running hourly between 9:00am to 3:00pm – it will do the Newport Loop.
  • The 199 Palm Beach to Manly route is a new service. This is how we will get to the B-Line at Mona vale (until Transport NSW determines whether it is extended to Newport) – it will do the Newport Loop.
  • The only Palm Beach to City direct service in non-peak hours will be the hourly L90 – otherwise we will have to change buses at Mona Vale to catch the BLine to the city.
  • To return from the City the B-Line will run from Wynyard to Mona Vale. The I99 will come from Manly and continue to Palm Beach/Whale Beach every 15 minutes during evening peak (5pm – 8pm) but 1/2 hourly at other times.
  • There will be more E88 peak hour am and pm services from Careel Bay. This is an express service that will run between 5:10 – 8:07 am into Wynyard – a total of 14 services) and 4:00 – 7:30 pm coming from Wynyard to Careel Bay near Careel Head Road. You will have to catch the I99 to/from Careel Bay to connect to this service. During evening peak between 5pm and 8pm the i99 will operate at 15min frequency heading north, 1/2 hourly at other times (north & south)

Some thoughts/questions/feedback suggestions to submit to TransportforNSW at the drop in session – Tue 31 Oct 4-7pm at Newport Surf Club or via email – or mail to BLine Newport Extension Locked Bag 6501
St Leonards NSW 2065 (by 1st December) re proposed roundabout, the BLine and the L90/I99/E88 in no particular order –
– The longest bus commute in Sydney is now even longer as we will have to change buses at Mona Vale (or Newport). As BLine have said – the trip will not be faster, just more frequent and with more capacity. So by adding the time it will take to change buses how are we benefitting in Palm & Whale Beach? The trip will now take longer than ever.
– The iconic L90 service to Wynyard has been reduced to once per hour between 9am and 3pm weekdays. WHY? We welcome the new I99 to Manly but NOT at the expense of the L90.
– The Northern Beaches ends at Palm Beach not at Newport or Mona Vale. TransforNSW keep saying patronage is minimal at PB – of course patronage is light at the beginning and end of any bus/train route. We disagree and challenge the accuracy of the data.
– Possible half an hour wait on the way home waiting at the hub for the I99 bus to come from Manly is unacceptable. Nobody has any solution for that. Again, a long trip made even longer TransportforNSW has amended the frequency of the 199 to PB to every 15 mins between 5pm and 8pm weekdays following feedback from PBWBA.
– Having to change buses is especially difficult for the the elderly, families with strollers, people with luggage, mobility impaired etc
– We cannot understand why the excellent E88 express bus cannot start/finish at Palm Beach during the am/pm peak. Nobody has provided an answer to this question. Why does it begin/end at Careel Bay? The E88 isn’t full at Careel Bay where it begins and ends so why not start at PB?
Bus could easily turn at the beachfront as the L90 already does. Extending the E88 would provide Palm Beach/Whale Beach residents with a peak express service and save these residents having to change buses and provision of an express service would attract and increase patronage thus getting more vehicles off the road (after all, this is the purpose of the BLine) and not add yet more vehicles to Mona Vale hub carpark. Simple. A no brainer. Why not have a trial at least? The proposed on demand car service is for a trial period – surely an extension to a bus route can be trialled too?
– There are winners and losers in the new system and we are the losers in Palm Beach/Whale Beach. This is after spending half a billion of OUR taxpayer dollars on the BLine.
– We foresee gridlock if the proposed roundabout is installed at Neptune St. 100 huge buses daily, slowly turning round every 5/10 minutes in peak, then 4 sets of non-synchronised traffic lights through Newport shops – together with narrow, winding Bilgola Bends, the dreaded Kamikaze roundabout at Bilgola/Avalon then 3 sets of non synchronised traffic lights heading north though Avalon, then the 40km school zone – traffic will be banked back halfway to Palm Beach from Newport and vice versa. Not to mention summer Sunday afternoons. God help us if we need an ambulance!
– We are deeply concerned that Newport Beach carpark, on Crown Land, is proposed to be monopolised by commuter vehicles to the exclusion of the community who wish to enjoy the beach, the terrific playground and picnic facilities and the Surf Club. (have you seen Collaroy Surf Club carpark?)
– The Norfolk Island Pines are iconic – we fear their destruction in the creation of the proposed roundabout.

On demand services for the Northern Beaches region are operated by Keolis Downer and begin from Sunday 26 November 2017.
This service area covers Palm Beach, south to North Narrabeen and west to Chiltern Road Ingleside. The car service takes passengers to nearby transport hubs, including new B-Line bus stops eg Mona Vale.
Services run during the following times:
Monday to Friday 6am–10pm, Saturday 7am–7pm,  Sunday 7am–5pm
You can book this service via an app, online or by phone. (We have received no contact details at this time). You will receive a booking confirmation and an estimated pick-up and drop-off time at your chosen location. Bookings are subject to availability.

A one-way trip will cost $3.10. Half price fares will be available for concession card holders, including pensioners, seniors, students and apprentices.

No further contact details such as phone numbers, website etc known at this time.

31/10/17 Submission to NSW Dept of Planning & Environment re Short Term Holiday Letting Options Paper

If the amenity and quiet enjoyment of your residential area is constantly being disturbed by revellers please document, take photographs, details of noise, garbage & litter, parking, blocked driveways, vandalism, property damage, safety concerns re fire, overcrowding etc, calls to police and their response and any other issues and forward to PBWBA so we can continue to work with Council and other relevant authorities to try and resolve this growing problem.

We encourage the Palm Beach & Whale Beach Community to engage with Northern Beaches Council through –
“HAVE YOUR SAY” on a range of projects in Pittwater Ward and Northern Beaches Council in general. click community engagement projects

  • Survey – Delivery Program 2018 – 2021 – to help determine NBC service delivery priorities – closes 12/11/17
  • Expressions of Interest Walkway Aesthetics Advisory Group – closes 29/10/17

We look forward to seeing you at the next morning tea on Monday Nov 27th at “Dunes Kiosk” Gov Phillip Park 10.30am (last one for 2017) and at The Christmas Cocktail Party on Sunday 10th December 6.30pm at ” The Boathouse” (invitations to be emailed/posted early November).

Richard West AM President

The Secretary
Palm Beach & Whale Beach Association
P.O. Box 2 Palm Beach NSW 2108