July 2016

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Upcoming Morning Tea Meetings

We have held two meetings which have produced a lively discussion Next meeting dates: PALM BEACH Governor Phillip on Wednesday 27 July at 10.30am. Bring your own refreshments. WHALE BEACH Whale Beach Deli on Tuesday 30 August at 10.30am.
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Join us for our monthly ‘Morning Tea’ get together

PBWBA – Join us for the monthly morning-tea get together! Following the success of the inaugural morning tea in May, and the June event at the Whale Beach Deli, the next event is at 1030 on Wednesday 27 July
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Minutes of the Committee Meeting – PBWBA June 2016

  7pm Monday 14 June¬† 2016 at the Cabbage Tree Club The President welcomed the Committee to the meeting.¬† Following the Annual General Meeting and the elections, the President welcomed Elizabeth Ginsberg as a new member of the Committee,
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The Secretary
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