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Update: improvements negotiated with Pittwater Council

Recent improvements After our president, Richard West,  met with Councillor Alex Mc Taggart at Palm Beach The Council has recently installed two showers on the southern end of Palm Beach. The one opposite Ocean Place is well drained and has solved
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Field inspection of Barrenjoey Lighthouse

The National Parks and Wild Life Service arranged a visit for our President, Richard West, and members of the committee. An excellent restoration of the exterior of the buildings has almost been competed. The stone masonry is beautiful. The new
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Pittwater Council Pledges Support to SOCC

Our President, Richard West, was at the Pittwater Council Meeting on October 6th 2015, where the monumental decision was made for Pittwater Council to officially sign the SOCC Pledge. Despite Pittwater Mayor Jacqui Townsend being on leave, councillors Young
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Palm Beach and Whale Beach Association with SOCC confronts Stokes

Our president, Richard West, along with committee members Susie Kennedy and Janette Davie (Secretary) attended the rally at Rob Stokes’ office on Thursday, 1st October. The rally was organised by the Save Our Councils Coalition, of which PBWBA is
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