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United We Stand: ‘Keep our councils local’ meeting

On Wednesday May 27th 2015, the highly anticipated “Keeping Our Councils Local” meeting was held at Annandale Neighbourhood Centre. The anticipation proved worthwhile, with representatives from all over Sydney and beyond coming to present the views of their local
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Pittwater says NO: report on the public meeting May 19th

At the public meeting on May 19th 2015, the people of Pittwater together with the Council and government representatives came together to discuss the proposed council amalgamation, and the community voted unanimously against it. What follows is the transcript of
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IPART meeting report: rates WILL go up

Storm Jacklin, our outgoing President, reports on the discussion with IPART and highlights the urgency of community action Рread his account and see the action points below. I attended the meeting on Monday morning called by IPART to discuss
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97th AGM: 5th May 2015 – Minutes

97th Annual General Meeting of the Palm Beach and Whale Beach Association Inc (PBWBA) Tuesday 5th May 2015, Club Palm Beach The meeting was very well attended by residents who were very concerned about the Government Review Panel Report
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